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In the following mail, beside my clinical war against covid-19,  action mechanism of quantum vaccine is fully described.

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Oggetto: My clinical war and quantum vaccine against coronavirus
Data: Tue, 12 May 2020 11:21:58 +0200
Mittente: Sergio Stagnaro <>


Dear Friends,

NEJM Career Center,

I’dd like to inform my USA Colleagues on my clinical war against coronavirus, including the quantum vaccination:


Apr 11, 2020

Disclosure: None

My clinical war against coronavirus: optimizing immune defenses.

in a comment on NEJM, , I have summarized the bedside diagnosis of coronavirus contagion, made in one second with a common stethoscope. The interesting data collected in my ongoing clinical research have allowed to describe a clinical fight at Covid-19 by optimizing the immune defenses and eliminating the triad – mitochondrial impairment, insufficiency of the functions of the thymus and the Inherited Real Risk of Pneumopathy, I discovered, basis of the identikit of who dies if involved by coronavirus, in following described. Identikit of those who die from coronavirus: Affected by COVID-19, regardless of age, gender and diseases already present, who dies A) shows strongly impaired heritable mitochondrial functions, transmitted through the mother (1, 2); B) has a thymus with remarkably insufficient functions ; C) is affected from birth by the Inherited Real Risk of Pneumopathy . The Reconstructing Mitochondrial Quantum Therapy eliminates all three conditions underlying the identikit.

As regards quantum vaccine I emphasise the following statements.

The quantum vaccine leads to the vaccinating against Coronavirus   Energy-information directed to CD8 lymphocytes, custodians of the immune memory. In short, it does not cause a mild disease, like the well-known vaccines with side effects, but teaches the lymphocytes of the immune memory – CD8 – how to regulate intensely, promptly, effectively the immune defense against the virus, typical of those who have recovered from the covid-19 disease.

Let’s listen to Prof. Maggi of the Immunological Structure of the Careggi Hospital, Florence: << The ideal would be to have tests for CD8 lymphocytes, the white blood cells of the immune memory: when there are, a possible new “meeting” with the virus leads to a rapid and very efficient immune response, which eliminates the virus in a short time without developing the disease >>.

There is currently no clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of CD8 lymphocytes, so hereone can read my discovery, Kantian experiment of those who are not afraid of the facts and bring to light his discoveries, in this case based on Non-Local Reality where Time and Space they do not exist:

A) Normal subject: evaluates the basis of the effectiveness – for example – of the upper BALT as duration and intensity of the diastole of the local peripheral heart: D = 6 sec. ; Intensity 1 cm. about.

B) Subject who has overcome the disease: D = 8 sec. Intensity not less than 2 cm.

C) Subject vaccinated with quantum vaccine: D = 8 sec. Intensity not less than 2 cm. Like above !

Proceed at this point by covering the coronavirus subject with the power of THOUGHT and here’s what one observes:

A) Normal subject: D = 7 sec. and I = 1.5 cm. on average.

B) Subject who has passed the disease: D. = 12 sec. and I = 3 cm. about.

C) Subject vaccinated with quantum vaccine: D. = 12 sec. and I = 3 cm. about. Like above!

The quantum vaccine is irradiated through Russian Bigmother Assitya cards suitably loaded with frequencies collected through Ak-Tom program two.


Dr Segio Stagnaro

Sergio Stagnaro MD

Via Erasmo Piaggio 23/8,

16039 Riva Trigoso (Genoa) Italy

Phone 0390-0185-42315

Founder of Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics,

Honorary President of International Society of

Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics (SISBQ)



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