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Tu quoque, TIME. La Libertà di Stampa anche negli USA ubbidisce alla Voce del Padrone? Una domanda.

“Il segreto della felicità? Trova qualcosa più importante di te stesso e dedica la tua vita ad essa. DANIEL DENNETT

Seconda Mail inviata agli Editori di TIME, perché, anche se non rispondono –  Così fa tutti… – non possano dire un giorno “Non lo sapevamo!”.

——– Messaggio Inoltrato ——–

Oggetto: (READER FEEDBACK) Scientists Can Reverse DNA Aging in Mice
Data: Sat, 16 Nov 2019 10:04:35 +0100
Mittente: Sergio Stagnaro <>


are you, TIME Editors, free to spread the existence of Constitution-Dependent, Inherited Real Risks of CVD, T2DM, Osteoporosis, Degenerative Brain disorders, Cancer, a.s.o,, bedside recognized with a stethoscope from birth and removed by Reconstructing Mitochondrial Quantun Therapy? Authors of Psychokinetic Diagnostic I state that these IRRs can involve also USA Journalists as well as their  family members:

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The destiny of humans are not written in their DNA (TIME): in what DNA? Mit-DNA or n-DNA?

From the clinical point of view, the Clinical Microangiology (1-3), born from the Quantum Biophysical Semeiotic, allows physicians to bedside analyzing the structure and function of the two DNAs, i.e., mit-DNA and n-DNA, in all biological systems. TIME ignores apparently these advancements of Medicine?  Al around the world, media referr today that DNA and RNA are naturally composed of four nucleotide bases that form hydrogen bonds in order to pair. Hoshika et al. added an additional four synthetic nucleotides to produce an eight-letter genetic code and generate so-called hachimoji DNA.


Here is my question: To which of the two DNA have added four more letters Hoshika et al. ?

As a matter of facts, the Constitution-Dependent, Inherited Real Risks, the degenerative disorders are based on, e.g., CVD / CAD, T2DM, Brain degenerative disorders, Osteoporosis,  Cancer, a.s.o., can occur exclusively in individuals involved by the mitochondrial cytopathy, I have discovered at the End of ’70, and  termed Congenital Acidosic Enzyme-Metabolic Histangiopathy (4).

Unfortunately, not only Hoshika et al., but also the majority of Authors, including the outstanding TIME Editors, still ignore how to bedside diagnose the above-referred Inherited Real Risks, starting from birth, and eliminate them with inexpensive Reconstructing Quantum Mitochondrial Therapy (5).


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5) Caramel S., Marchionni M., Stagnaro S. Morinda citrifolia Plays a Central Role in the Primary Prevention of Mitochondrial-dependent Degenerative Disorders. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2015;16(4):1675. [MEDLINE]

Dear TIME Editors, how long must humanity wait to be informed that the Medical Diagnostic / Therapeutic Medal has two sides: one, politically correct, concerns the overt,clinical, manifest disorders, which are often cured but incurable. The seconde face is that of potential , pre-clinical diseases, present at birth, on which is based the Pre-Primary and Primary Prevention, according to Quantum Biofisical Semeiotic.

One question: Who’s afraid about the Constitution-Dependent, Inherited Real Risk?


Dr Sergio Stagnaro

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