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Quale Sostanza connette NYTimes, Beppe Grillo, Vaccinazioni in diminuzione, Ritorno di malattie infettive, Maschere e Volti?

Ci si sbaglierà raramente, attribuendo le azioni estreme alla vanità, quelle mediocri all’abitudine e quelle meschine alla paura”. Nietzsche

Caro Lettore,

giunto alla fine della presente mia mail, spero che tu abbia imparato, oppure abbia rinforzato dentro di te il convincimento che oggi l’uomo non crede alle leggende metropolitane di una Medicina della Sconfitta e dei Brevetti, Serva dell’Economia. Buona lettura.

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Oggetto: 1500 measles patients in Italy versus 75000 deaths caused by AMI!
Data: Wed, 3 May 2017 11:38:23 +0200
Mittente: Sergio Stagnaro <>
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To All,

firstly,  I apologize for my poor, self-taught English. However, I  trust in your intelligence, so that I’m sure that you understand what I mean.

Outstanding, authoritative, and free newspapers, as NYTimes, announce the rise in infectious diseases due to reduced vaccination. For instance, 1500 new cases of measles in Italy – among them there are also individuals previously vaccinated! – seemingly due to the recommendations of an Italian comedian who was temporarily become a  politics.

Why you are afraid about infoming  peoples about Constitution-Dependent, Inherited Real Risks of T2DM, CVD/CAD, Cancer  –  today’s growing epidemics – bedside recognized with a common stethoscope from the birth and removed with the inexpensive Reconstructing Mitochondrial Quantum Therapy, appreciated by a flurry of you?  In Italy about 75.000 individuals die every year of AMI:

Sergio Stagnaro and Simone Caramel.  The Key Role of Vasa Vasorum Inherited Remodeling in QBS Microcirculatory Theory of Atherosclerosis. Frontiers in Epigenomics and Epigenetics.  [MEDLINE]

Sergio Stagnaro and Simone Caramel. The Inherited Real Risk of Coronary Artery Disease,  European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, EJCN, Nature PG., 67, 683 (June 2013) | doi:10.1038/ejcn.2013.37 [MEDLINE]

Stagnaro Sergio.    CAD Inherited Real Risk, Based on Newborn-Pathological, Type I, Subtype B, Aspecific, Coronary Endoarteriolar Blocking Devices. Diagnostic Role of Myocardial Oxygenation and Biophysical-Semeiotic Preconditioning., 29 April, 2009

Stagnaro Sergio. Role of Coronary Endoarterial Blocking Devices in Myocardial Preconditioning – c007i. Lecture, V Virtual International Congress of Cardiology.

Caramel S., Marchionni M., Stagnaro S. Morinda citrifolia Plays a Central Role in the Primary Prevention of Mitochondrial-dependent Degenerative Disorders. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2015;16(4):1675.[MEDLINE]

For intellectual honesty, I inform you that this mail will be in  internet in The Voice of SS, because I trust in the intelligence of the Italians.
I will be very happy to publish every answer of you, of course.


Dr Sergio Stagnaro

Sergio Stagnaro MD

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