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TIME Quo Vadis? Il massimo giornale mondiale non conosce i Reali Rischi Congeniti!


“Ciò che conta non è fare molto, ma mettere molto amore in ciò che si fa.”


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Oggetto: (READER FEEDBACK) A Majority of The World’s Teens Aren’t Getting Enough Physical Activity
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To TIME Editors,


SISBQ mailing List,
Segreteria MIUR,
Segreteria Ministero Sanità,

it seems you and the USA experts ignore Consitution-dependent, Inhrited Real Risks. As a matter of facts, one reads surprisingly in the article the statement: “Public health experts have worked hard to remind us about the importance of exercise—for mental as well as physical health. Research has linked physical activity to alleviating symptoms of depression; lowering risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity; and living longer“.

I cannot imagine, you ignore, as Italian competent Autorithies, what do they mean Consitution-dependent, Inherited Real Risks. Bedside diagnosed from birth with a stethoscope, all IRR are eliminated with Reconstructing Mitochondrial Quantum Therapy.

For instance:





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Alzheimer Disease Inherited Real Risk.


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Oncological Terrain-Dependent,  Inherited Real Risk of  Pancreas Cancer



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And so on……………


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