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Low Grade Chronic Inflammation: da Virchow alla Semeiotica Biofisica Quantistica.

A mio parere,  con la morte del Prof.Luigi Di Bella,  i Clinici si sono estinti e i Medici, Dipendenti dal Laboratorio e dal Dipartimento delle Immagini, si dimostrano carenti di creatività scientifica.

La presenza di infiammazione cronica nella sede del cancro – ma anche delle altre patologie croniche degenerative, oggi epidemie in aumento –  è stata da Rudolph Virchow fino ai giorni nostri erroneamente interpretata, con la delirante conseguenza che in “lunghi articoli” pubblicati su “celebri peer-reviews” è suggerito l’uso di antinfiammatori per prevenire il Cancro, la CVD/CAD, etc.

Nel seguente commento ho sintetizzato l’interpretazione microangiologica clinica, semeiotico-biofisico-quantistica, che offre una comprensione completa della patogenesi dell’infiammazione cronica di grado lieve, aprendo la strada ad una originale diagnostica clinica e a nuove misure di Prevenzione Primaria, applicabile su vastissima scala.

Questa interpretazione, clinica,originale e soddisfacente, è corroborata da una sicura esperienza clinica e dall’evidenza sperimentale.

Since 1839 (Rudolph Virchow) till now Authors have been observing inflammation in cancer and in numerous chronic degenerative disorders, without being able to explain the correct pathogenesis, in my opinion. To understand the precise role of low grade chronic inflammation in relation to a flurry of degenerative disorders, different in nature, eg., Cancer Pd, AD, T2DM, CVD/CAD, a.s.o., Authors have to know the Constitution-Dependent, Inherited Real Risks, as I and my Disceples have written previous articles (1-5). As a matter of facts, low grade chronic inflammation is the consequnce of altered microcirculatory blood-flow in the precise site of any Inherited Real Risk, characterized by the presence of newborn-pathological, type I, subtype a) oncological, or b) aspecific, Endoarteriolar Blocking Devices, causing a worsening blood-flow impairment, so that local AVA become permanently less or more open: “blood-flow centralization phenomenon”. The consequence of all this is the increased blood pressure upon endothels of the efferent, venous microvessel site, with local damage to the endothelium, i.e., functional desentdothelization, because endothelium are provided with a few mitochondria. Caused by the endothelial function impairment, one observes the arrest of the white blood cells, physiologically rolling along the healthy endothelium (ICAM-1, V-CAM-1, Selectine, a.s.o.), their passage through endothels, bringing about finally inflammation. Interestingly, physicians can now assess in quantitative way at the bedside the presence of low grade chronic inflammation ina simple way , by mean of cytochine gastric aspecific reflex (5).

In conclusion, the time has come to understand the exact role of low grade chronic inflammation in the pathogenesis of a lot of disorders, today’s growing epidemics, as T2DM, CVD/CAD, Osteoporosis, Cancer. Interestingly, the Inherited Real Risks, bedside promptly diagnosed from birth, with a stethoscope,are eliminated by inexpensive Restructuring Mitochondrial Quantum Therapy (6), that allows us to realize on very large scale the Primary Prevention of above-mentioned diseases, enrolling in a rational manner exclusively predisposed individuals.




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To be continued …


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