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Sideri’s Sign in bedside Recognizing in one second Breast Cancer, even in initial Stage of Inherited Real Risk.

This clinical sign of Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics is dedicated to the greatest Italian Oncologist, Prof. Mario Sideri, Director, Preventive Gynecology Unit  Gynecology Division, European Institute of Oncology, Via G. Ripamonti 435.

In Memoriam

Sideri’s Sign.

Regarding whatever gene mutation,  it is necessary to remember, emphasising it, that all gene mutations bring about neessarily local biological activity modification, otherwise, gene mutations would be meaningless innocent bystanders (1-4).

Nowadays, physicians all around the world could fortunately utilize in both bedside detection and primary prevention of breast cancer (as well as in every malignancy, of course) some interesting paramount knowledges, mainly overlooked. Using breast cancer risk assessment tools (e.g., traditional breast physical examination, denaturing high performance liquid chromatography (DHPLC) to screen for mutations of BRCA1- BRCA-2, a.s.o.) and going through the process of assessing breast cancer risk by this sophysticated way, can answer many women’s questions about what puts them at relatively higher or lower risk (1, 3).

Certainly, such a evaluation is expensive for NHS, and not applicable for all women and men (!), of course, not to speak of the inability of both Laboratory and Image Department to recognize Breast Cancer Inherited Real Risk (3-14). In fact, for all healthy women and men, an original clinical assessement may be desirable, if capable in a easy, reliable, and no expensive manner  to allow doctor to bedside recognize the presence of maternally-inherited Oncological Terrain, and Breast Cancer Oncological Terrain-Dependent, Inherited Real Risk, based on the presence of a tipical microcirculatory remodelling of mamma microvessels, due to newborn-pathological, type I, subtype a) oncological,  Endoarterial Blocking Devices (1-9), conditio sine qua non of cancer (3, 11, 12).

In spite of genetic testing, bedside ascertaining particularly breast cancer Inherited Real Risk in well-defined breast quadrant(s) allows doctor  to perform quickly an efficient primary prevention of such a malignany. In addition, testing for mutations breast cancer susceptibility genes or for their diminished expression adds to our ability to assess breast cancer risk at an individual level, because local biological activity, examined with the aid of quantum biophysical semeiotics, results abnormal. Really, by the aid of sophysticated image department  we cannot localise in mamma quadrant(s) the possible breast cancer risk, in BRCA 1, or BRCA1 mutation, E1373X in exon 12. and BRCA 2 positive women (and men) (2, 8-20).

On the contrary,  Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics allows doctor to recognize clinically firstly Oncological Terrain in a quantitative way, and then, if present, of course, breast cancer heritable real risk: individuals with Oncological Terrain do not show necessarily also breast cancer INHERITED Real Risk (3-11) .

In health, the “Intense” and lasting  pintching of  skin of  whatever mamma point, due to the non-local Realm in biological systems (15-16), does not bring about simultaneously the mamma-gastric aspecific Reflex (= in the stomach, both fundus and body dilates, while antral-pyloric region contracts).

On the contrary, in case of breast cancer, even in its initial stage of Inherited Real Risk, under the same condition, illustrated above, the mamma-gastric aspecific Reflex appears “simultaneously”, immediately followed by the typical tonic gastric Contraction: Sideri’s Sign.

The intensity of reflex, measured in cm.,  parallels the seriousness of underlying disorders.   In presence of heritable real risk, the intensity of reflex is less than 1 cm.

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