Semeiotica Biofisica Quantistica. Il Nuovo Rinascimento della Medicina.

When we try to pick out anything by itself,

we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.

John Muir (1911)


I recently discovered and described the glomerulonephritis Inherited Real Risk, highlighting that it opens a new patho in the pre-primary and primary prevention of such a  serious and deadly  disorder, reducing in the future the number of dialisis patients (1).

In this brief paper, I illustrate also the Inherited Real Risk of hepatitis, transmitted through maternal mitochondria, as all other similar heritable risks (1-7).

As a matter of facts, among a flurry of Inherited Real Risks (IRR), I’ve described described in a large Literature (1-6), there is also that of hepatitis. The fact that the large majority of people involved by hepatogenic viruses aren’t suffering from liver damage, demonstrates that such a Inherited Real Risk surely exist.

Really, a heritable predisposition to hepatitis does really exist because all mothers of hepatitic patients, are positive to such a heritable risk, as allows to state the retrograde Psychokinetic Diagnostic.

The simplest method to bedside diagnose Inherited Real Risk of hepatitis, starting at birth, is the following.

The physician stimulates the trigger.points of liver by pintching or by pressing with its fingertips with medium intensity (700 dyne/cm2) the skin projection area of liver.

In the health, after exactly a Latency Time of 8 sec. appears the Aspecific Gastric Reflex: in the stomach, both fundus and body dilate, while antro-pyloric region contracts. The dilation lasts more than 3 sec. and less than 4 sec., due to underlying fascinating events in thehepatic microcirculation.

On the contrary, in presence of hepatitis Inherited Real Risk, the Latency Time is still normal (8 sec.), but the relex Duration is patologically raised: 4-6 sec.

Moreover, in health, intense digital pressure (1,000 dyne/cm2), applied on skin projection area of the liver does not bring about the medial ureteral reflex, showing the absence of newborn- pathological Endoarterial Blocking Devises, type I, subtype b), aspecific (they disappear und more intense digital pressure, 1,500 dyne/cm 2).

On the contrary, in presence of hepatitis Inherited Real Risk, under the above-referred experimental condition, the medial ureteral reflex appears.

Finally Spattini’s Sign corroborates the diagnosis (8).

As all other IRRs also this is removed definitively by Reconstructing Mitochondrial Quantum Therapy (9).


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