Semeiotica Biofisica Quantistica. Il Nuovo Rinascimento della Medicina.

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Non bisogna avere un quoziente di intelligenza di un candidato alle massime cariche del Sistema Sanitario  per capire, nonostante il mio povero inglese da autodidatta, la causa dell’epidemia di cancro, illustrata nella mail.
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Oggetto: The war against cancer has to be at least a serious enterprise!
Data: Fri, 29 Jul 2016 07:35:49 +0200
Mittente: Sergio Stagnaro <>
CC: SISBQ mailing list <>,, Orecchia Roberto <>, “;; franco.novelli\””

Dear Colleagues of WCRF,
Dear Science Editors,

to All,

cancer is and will be for a long time to come a growing epidemic, because you fight with following similar researches, that continue to ignore the basics of effective  Pre-Primary and Primary Privention, according to Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics.

Distressingly, one can read the following, blatantly contradictory  statements:

“Three alcoholic drinks a day can cause liver cancer”. ( Clearly enough the relation between alcohol and liver cancer!).

However, elsewhere in another web-site equally prestigious, outstanding, authoritative Bible of Medicine,  one may read  the contrary:

Scientist says that your liver isn’t the only thing at risk from alcohol


JOSH HRALA, 24 JUL 2016.

“A leading medical researcher has looked over the research and concluded that drinking alcohol – even in small amounts – doesn’t just cause liver cancer, but can also lead to six other types of cancer”.

I cannot imagine that you all ignore the Oncological Terrain-Dependent, Inherited Real Risk of Cancer, bedside recognized in a quantitative manner, using an obsolete stethoscope, and removed by inexpensive Restructuring Mitochondrial Quantum Therapy:

Stagnaro Sergio. Mitochondrial Bed-Side Evaluation: a new Way in the War against Cancer (21 December 2005). Cancer Cell International (Excuse me if I refer here to a Rapid Response; it is fundamental, regarding my war against cancer)

Sergio Stagnaro. Prevenzione  Pre-Primaria e Primaria, Semeiotico-Biofisico-Quantistica, del Cancro del Seno. Conferenza, I Festival Nazionale dell’Acqua, Porretta Terme, 19 Settembre 2014, Auditorium Hotel Santoli. Video,

Sergio Stagnaro. Early bedside Diagnosis of Pancreas Cancer, starting from its Oncological Terrain-Dependent, Inherited Real Risk; Slide Presentation  at URL

Sergio Stagnaro (2015). Thanks to Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics, Stating that the Diagnosis of Pancreas Cancer is difficult, especially in the early, asymptomatic stages , is false since July 3, 2015.


Sergio Stagnaro.  Originale Ruolo svolto dai PPARγ-1 nella Diagnosi Clinica di Cancro del Pancreas a partire dal suo Reale Rischio Congenito. La Voce di SS.,,

Sergio Stagnaro and Simone Caramel.  BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 mutation bedside detection and breast cancer clinical primary prevention.  Front. Genet. | doi: 10.3389/fgene.2013.00039. [MEDLINE]
Caramel S., Marchionni M., Stagnaro S. Morinda citrifolia Plays a Central Role in the Primary Prevention of Mitochondrial-dependent Degenerative Disorders. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2015;16(4):1675. dependent_Degenerative_Disorders [MEDLINE]

Despite I am 85-year-old, involved by AMI outcome, considering the war against cancer has to be at least a serious enterprise,  I am ready to fly to USA  on your invitation to illustrate you my fight against cancer. Do you lik it?


Dr Sergio Stagnaro

Sergio Stagnaro MD

Via Erasmo Piaggio 23/8,

16039 Riva Trigoso (Genoa) Italy

Phone 0390-0185-42315

Founder of Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics,

Honorary President of International Society of

Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics (SISBQ)



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