Semeiotica Biofisica Quantistica. Il Nuovo Rinascimento della Medicina.

Nel marzo del 2004, quando il BMJ accettava e metteva in rete ogni settimana, magno cum gaudio, le mie Rapide Risposte critiche- costruttive ad articoli ed editoriali, un mio commento, che potete leggere alla Url

fu criticato da un Anestesista che nulla sapeva di SBQ (trovate la sua desolante risposta nella stessa pagina!)

Al posto mio la saggia e puntuale risposta fu firmata il 26 March 2004 dal Prof. Peter Morrell, Hon Research Associate, History of Medicine, Staffordshire University, UK, purtroppo deceduto anni dopo.

Re: First of all, many thanks to Dr. Andrew Yip

Dr Stagnaro might well feel pleased to discover that his views find considerable corroboration in ancient and medieval medicine. For example,while defines semeiotics as a branch of semiotics or semiology—that is, “the theory and study of signs and symbols” -Boerhaave
[1668-1738], the influential professor of physic at Leiden, defined it as “that which shows signs distinguishing between sickness and health, diseases and their causes in the human body.” [Boerhaave, 78-79, quoted by Coulter, II, 133]

As “the pre-eminent early Enlightenment physician,” [Porter, 246] Boerhaave probably was the most important European physician standing between the times of William Harvey [1578-1657] and Thomas Sydenham [1624 – 1689] and that of William Cullen [1710-1790] and John Brown [1735-88]. Therefore, Dr Stagnaro might be said to be in pretty good company.

Semeiology has been defined as the study of “signs, symptoms and indications,” [McLean, 279] or as “the nature of signs,” [McLean, 279] or the “logic of signs.” [McLean, 279] Medieval medicine gave a very sound definition of semeiotics as “the knowledge of all indications of a therapeutic method, discovered by rational doctors through their own resources…for the sake of effecting a cure.” [McLean, 281] Furthermore, it was agreed by all medieval physicians that, “signs always precede an illness, and are always accompanied by a cause,” [McLean, 282] and that such causes of sickness “are intelligible…[to the physician] through necessary signs.” [McLean, 282]. Dr Stagnaro implies much the same notion.

In ancient medicine, for example, “two prominent sources of symptoms are pulse and urine…together with faeces, sweat, spit, vomit, and so on.” [McLean, 283] The business of physicians in the ancient, medieval and Renaissance medical systems very largely concerned the collection and interpretation of signs of sickness, garnered by “the patient, his or her attendants…and the doctor himself.” [McLean, 284] Certainly, therefore, the views Dr Stagnaro suggests are exactly in accordance with the approved procedures of normal European medical practice from the time of Hippocrates right down until at least the 18th century.

Even though the nature and interpretation of medical signs changed considerably as medicine made its transition into the scientific era, the basic diagnostic and observational skills of the physician still concerned the interpretation of signs and symptoms “for the sake of effecting a cure.” [McLean, 281]. And as Dr Stagnaro repeatedly states, that is semeiotics. In this sense at least, Andrew Yip is wrong to suggest that Dr Stagnaro’s views do not conform “to any recognised medical framework.”

This exchange also provides a good example of the way medical history can be used to shed some useful light upon modern medical problems.


Hermann Boerhaave, Academic Lectures on the Theory of Physic, 1742-46.


Harris L Coulter, Divided Legacy a History of the Schism in Medical Thought, Volume II Progress and Regress: J P van Helmont to Claude Bernard, Washington, Wehawken Books, 1975

Ian McLean, Logic Signs and Nature in the Renaissance: the Case of
Learned Medicine, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002

Roy Porter, The Greatest Benefit to all Mankind a Medical History of  Humanity, New York: Norton, 1998

Da allora sono trascorsi 12 anni ma in Italia, le cosiddette autorità sanitarie, in primis i Ministri della Salute dell’ultimo decennio, ignorano la Semeiotica Biofisica Quantistica e non mi degnano di risposta anche se in molti si stanno salvando  la pellaccia grazie alla Terapia Quantistica  Mitocondriale Ristrutturante:

To be continued…


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