Semeiotica Biofisica Quantistica. Il Nuovo Rinascimento della Medicina.

“Tutto il mondo è Paese”, mi  diceva, quando ero un bambino,  nonna Teresa.   Nonostante l’età,  non potevo essere d’accordo con lei.  Poi sono cresciuto ed ora  ragiono da vecchio, alla luce di una lunga esperienza fatta in questa inquinata valle di lacrime, dove,  purtroppo, ho avuto a che fare con “Professori” di tutto il mondo, giornalisti,  politici ed anche con un Cardinale Arcivescovo, fortunatamente solo italiani.

Nel numero corrente di SCIENCE, alla URL, potete leggere “Editorial. An Important Anniversary, di Ralph J. Ciceron, PresidentE  DELLA  U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC.

Per riassumere, si tratta di una apologetica  rivolta sia all’U.S. National Academy of Sciences, sia alla presente Medicina, da me notoriamente definita Medicina Medievale, Serva dell’Economia.

Come si legge di seguito, il mio commento, inviato subito al Prof Ralph J. Cicerone, non solo  per  appagare la mia onestà intellettuale.

“Dear Sergio Stagnaro

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An Important Anniversary

Fri, 12 Apr 2013 02:38:26 -0400

Your Comment:
First of all, though my poor English, I state that I am honored to  be, from
1996, also Who’s Who in America, and since ever I love the USA, a great
Country, my mother has born in at Boston Mass in 1905.
And now, I’d like to ask respectfully to Prof. Jeronime Cicerone, President
of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, what accounts for
the reason CVD, T2DM, and Cancer are today’s growing epidemics, despite the
paramount Medicine advances, realise in the past centuries, especially in the
Universities and Scientific Institutions around the world?
In addition, I cannot understand the great difficulty of spreading among both
physicians and laymen Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics progresses, e.g.,
realised in the field of Pre-Primary,  Manuel’s Story:, and Primary prevention of the most
serious disorders, as those mentioned above (1-4). I cannot imagine what
accounts for the reason neither U.S. National Academy of Sciences,
Washington, DC, know that we can carry cvd, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and
cancer rapidly to its End, by means of Quantum Therapy (1-5).
Who will be able to let me understand, for instance, because scientists, and
Editors worldwide are skilled in chemical therapy, but ignore quantum
therapy, based on the physical properties of drugs, i.e., drug bio-compatible
electron-magnetic  radiation, which proved to be really efficacious also in
Pre-Primary and Primary prevention?
Is prevention far better than therapy, isn’t it?


1) Stagnaro S., West PJ., Hu FB., Manson JE., Willett WC. Diet and Risk of
Type 2 Diabetes. N Engl J Med. 2002 Jan 24;346(4):297-298 Medline

2) Sergio Stagnaro and Simone Caramel 2013. The Role of Modified
Mediterranean Diet and Quantum Therapy in Oncological Primary Prevention.
Bentham PG., Current Nutrition & Food Science  ISSN (Print): 1573-4013;
2212-3881. VOLUME: 9,  ISSUE: 1; DOI: 10.2174/1573401311309010011;  http:/

3)Sergio Stagnaro and Simone Caramel.  The Key Role of Vasa Vasorum Inherited
Remodeling in QBS Microcirculatory Theory of Atherosclerosis. Frontiers in
Epigenomics and Epigenetics.

4) Sergio Stagnaro and Simone Caramel (2013).Inherited Real Risk of Type 2
Diabetes Mellitus: bedside diagnosis, pathophysiology and primary prevention.
Frontiers in Endocrinolog. MEDLINE.

Further references on REQUEST!

“Tutto il mondo è Paese”; cara nonna Teresa, You was right.



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