Semeiotica Biofisica Quantistica. Il Nuovo Rinascimento della Medicina.

Per evitare una denuncia per violazione della Privacy – minaccia ricevuta recentemente da  un oncologo italiano, come ho già riferito nel blog su Facebook, al quale non interessa dedicarsi al Terreno Oncologico … – nella desolante storia che segue i nomi e cognomi sono sostitutiti da sigle: naturalmente conservo le mail a futura memoria!

To  XXXX  Editors  (si tratta di una famosissima peer-review di oncologia),
to All,  (numerosi editori e “Professori”!  Gli italiani non mi hanno mai risposto!)
distressingly I have  read   your friend XY’s two papers, published on the Journal current issue, XXXXXX  YYYYYY

There is a fundamental bias, ignored now only by you: the enrolled patients are positive for Oncological Terrain-Dependent Inherited Real Risk of Prostate Cancer?

In following  my explanation.


Sergio Stagnaro
Sergio Stagnaro MD
Via Erasmo Piaggio 23/8,
16039 Riva Trigoso (Genoa) Italy
Founder of Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics,
Honorary President of  International Society of
Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics  (SISBQ)
Who’s Who in the World (and America)
since 1996
Ph 0039-0185-42315
Cell. 3338631439
Bedside diagnosing prostate cancer, since its Inherited Real Risk


In primary  and secondary prevention of prostate cancer, physicians have to enrol exclusively individuals positive for Oncological Terrain-Dependent, Inherited Real Risk of Prostate Cancer.  On the contrary, all researches on such argument are fundamentally biased (1).

In fact, microcirculatory bed in prostate gland at Oncological Terrain- dependent, inherited real risk of cancer is characteristically altered since birth in the sense that is present microcirculatory remodelling, wherein new born-pathological, type I, sub-type a) oncological, Endoarteriolar Blocking Devices, according to Hammersen, play a central role (2-9).

As a matter of fact, the Authors state notoriously that immunohistochemical evidence of bcl-2, p53, or high microvessel density in prostate cancer biopsy specimens at diagnosis is associated with an increased long-term risk for death from prostate cancer. From quantum- biophysical semeiotics point of view, I corroborate such as conclusion, since the severity of prostate microcirculatory dissociated, type III activation parallels the seriousness of underlying disorder (2-7).

Unfortunately, in every article of the majority of most famous peer- reviews, including Cancer, it is clear that Authors, Editors, and Reviewers ignore this fundamental bias, showing that they are thinking that all individuals can suffer from prostate cancer!

In other words, the above- mentioned people ignore the existence of Oncological Terrain (OT) and OT- dependent Inherited Real Risk localized in one biological system, or more rear in a lot of tissues . In my view, based on 55 year-long clinical experience, doctors around the world have to know new and more efficacious tools for malignancies primary prevention as well as bedside therapeutic monitoring, easy to perform and reliable, thus applicable on very large scale in selected individuals, and useful in ascertain, e.g., prostate cancer inherited real risk in well defined prostate lobe, as well as prostate cancer initial stage in individuals involved always by oncological terrain, of course (2-9).

In fact, nowadays a new bed-side preventive medicine can be applied by all general practitioners worldwide in an efficient and practical manner (2, 3, 6-9) (See my site,). As a matter of fact, today’s physicians, who knows the advancements of physical semeiotics, can bedside recognize since birth with a stethoscope individuals at “real” risk of malignancies, both solid and liquid, including their precise location (2-4). In addition, the exact evaluation of the local microcirculation allows doctor to assess the severity of the lesion (4, 7) ( In following, I describe briefly an original physical sign, reliable in bedside diagnosing “inherited real risk” of prostate cancer, and thus useful in its primary prevention, as well as in bed-side early detecting Prostate Cancer, i.e. since very early stage, including Cancer “in situ”: Massucco’s Sign * (2).

In health, lying down on supine position and psycho-physically relaxed with open eyes to hindering (better said, to lower…) melatonin secretion, skin lasting pinch at the level of XI-XII thoracic dermatomeres at right or left side (practically, groin regions: prostate trigger- points) brings about gastric aspecific reflex (in the stomach both fundus and body dilate, while antral-pyloric region contracts = tissue acidosis, after a normal latency time of exact 8 sec. The reflex lasts less than 4 sec., paramount parameter value, rom diagnostic view-point) correlated with Microvascular Functional Reserve, and then disappears for > 3 < 4 sec.: fractal Dimension of microvascular bed deterministich chaotic fluctuations. All parameters values are interesting from diagnostic point of view, but especially latency time: Massucco’s Sign NEGATIVE.

On the contrary, in case of Prostate Cancer, even in initial stage, such as parameter value is < 8 sec. (latency time is jet 8 sec. in Inherited Real Risk!), reflex duration 4 sec. or more and finally the entire stomach contracts, tonic Gastric Contraction, pathological parameter, typical of cancer. All parameters values, indicating local prostatic micorcirculatory abnormalities (5-8), are in relation to the severity of underlying malignancy. For instance, latency time becomes shorter than the normal 8 sec. in inverse relation to the extension of tumour.

Very useful and reliable (I perform it during normal physical examination, i.e., in every case, routinely) is the biophysical semeiotic preconditioning of prostate: after 5 sec. exactly of interval after the basal performance, doctor applies this method a second time (interval must be 5 sec. precisely, due to prostate microcirculatory functional reserve (MFR) activation): in health, where there isn’t Gastric tonic Contraction, all parameters value ameliorate significantly: e.g., latency time results 16 sec. i.e., doubled value. On the contrary, in prostate cancer, since first stages (e.g., “in situ” cancer)as well as in “inherited real risk” of cancer, they worsen clearly or persist identical in latest case: Massucco’s Sign positive (2-9) . Massucco’s Sign, easy to perform and reliable, really useful in prostate cancer clinical primary prevention and screening, must be included, in my view, in the common physical examination, in order to early recognizing prostate cancer, also by means of a large variety of other cancer signs. In doing that, however, farsighted and clever Editors, Reviewers and physicians are unavoidable!


2) Stagnaro-Neri M., Stagnaro S. Introduzione alla Semeiotica Biofisica. Il Terreno Oncologico. Travel Factory, Roma, 2004. 3) Stagnaro Sergio. Bed-Side Prostate Cancer Detecting, even in early stages (“Real Risk” of Cancer): BMC Family Practice,2005, 6:24 doi:10.1186/1471-2296-6-24 2296/6/24/comments#202466 4) Stagnaro Sergio, Stagnaro-Neri Marina. Introduzione alla Semeiotica Biofisica. Il Terreno oncologico”. Travel Factory SRL., Roma, 2004.

5) Stagnaro S., Stagnaro-Neri M., Le Costituzioni Semeiotico- Biofisiche.Strumento clinico fondamentale per la prevenzione primaria e la definizione della Single Patient Based Medicine. Ediz. Travel Factory, Roma, 2004.

6) Stagnaro Sergio. Bedside diagnosing prostate cancer inherited oncological real risk and its therapy. Annals of Internal Medicine. (7 February 2008).

7) Stagnaro-Neri M., Stagnaro S., Microangiologia clinica della ipertrofia prostatica benigna. Ruolo patogenetico delle modificazioni del sistema microlovascolotessutale valutate con la Semeiotica Biofisica. Acta Cardiol. Medit. 14, 21, 1986

8) Stagnaro Sergio. Reale Rischio Semeiotico Biofisico. I Dispositivi Endoarteriolari di Blocco neoformati, patologici, tipo I, sottotipo a) oncologico, e b) aspecifico. Ediz. Travel Factory,, Roma, Luglio 2009.

9) Caramel S., Stagnaro S. The role of mitochondria and mit-DNA in Oncogenesis. Quantum Biosystems 2010, 2, 221-248,

10) Stagnaro Sergio. Bed-Side Prostate Cancer Detecting, even in early stages (“Real Risk” of Cancer): BMC Family Practice, 6:24 doi:10.1186/1471-2296-6-24 2296/6/24/comments#202466

11) Sergio Stagnaro. Linee Guida Semeiotico-Biofisiche nella Gestione del Paziente con Adenoma Prostatico. , 2008.

12) Sergio Stagnaro. Ingrossamento della Prostata: Adenoma o Cancro? Ruolo diagnostico dei Dispositivi Endoarteriolari di Blocco. ;

13) Sergio Stagnaro. Massucco’s Sign in the war against to Prostate Cancer. Letter to FDA; ; 2 May, 2010,

14) Sergio Stagnaro. Bedside diagnosing prostate cancer inherited oncological real risk and its therapy., 18 giugno 2010.

15) Sergio Stagnaro. To USA Food and Drugs Administration about Prostate Cancer. Open Letter. 2 Maggio 2010,

Per riassumere, dalla scoperta del Terreno Oncolgico (TO) e del relativo Reale Rischio Congenito (RRC) in un sistema biologico sostengo di fronte al mondo della Medicina che senza questa condizione patologica ereditata dalla madre, fondata sulla citopatia mitocondriale da me definita Istangiopatia Congenita Acidosica Enzimo-Metabolica, il cancro solido e liquido non può  insorgere  ( a

Che senso ha quindi condurre ricerche nel campo oncologico se non si arruolano esclusivamente soggetti positivi per il Reale Rischio CongenitoDipendente dal Terreno Oncologico?

Che senso ha iniettare un vaccino anti HPV a giovani donne senza TO,  oppure senza il RRC di cancro nel collo uterino?

Silenzio degli Oncologi!

Negli ultimi dieci anni ho informato  gli Editori delle principali peer-reviews, tra i quali molti hanno pubblicato miei lavori, e i principali oncologi italiani, che non mi rispondono, oppure  mi respingono le mail (anche se poi qualcuno  si cura come da me consigliato  direttamente o attraverso intermedi “amici”!) .

La mia teoria sul Terreno Oncologico, esposta anche in una intervista a Il Giornale,Domenica 8 marzo 2009, non è mai stata confutata da nessun laureato in Medicina, inclusi gli oncologi, dimostrando  prudenza, ma anche onestà.  Infatti, un ignorante nella dimensione semeiotico-biofisico-quantistica, cioè a dire, uno che ignora la  Semeiotica Biofisica Quantistica, non è autorizzato a criticarla: io non critico la Poesia Araba del XI-XII secolo perchè ignoro l’Arabo.
Ecco la risposta, rapida ma  ipocrita, arrivatami questa mattina dagli Editori  della famosissima rivista di oncologia:

Dear Dottor Sergio Stagnaro,

……… the information you recently provided us regarding the below manuscripts, XXXXXX  would like to encourage you to write a Letter to the Editor  XXXXXXXXXXX
All manuscripts or letters must be submitted electronically using  XXXXXXXX  Web site available at http://XXXXXXXX. Manuscripts may not be submitted by e-mail. If you so choose to move forward with submitted the Letter to the Editor, please be mindful of the below instructions:
o        No more than 400 words
o        No more than 3 authors
o        No more than 5 references
o        No tables or figures
o        Must refer to article published online within 3 months
o        Must have professional language and subject matter

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know. Have a pleasant day.

Warmest Regards,


Tra i lettori  chi potrebbe riassumere il Testo in “NO MORE THAN 400 words” e fare solo CINQUE riferimenti bibliografici?  Chi avrebbe la certezza che il manoscritto, monco e fuorviante, sarebbe pubblicato da certi inqualificabili  individui?

“Le rivoluzioni si fanno dal basso”, mi hanno scritto di recente  amici piemontesi della SBQ su Facebook!



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